Good news about Corona… Effective drugs against the most dangerous mutants!


As fears grow around the world about the spread of coronavirus mutant, amid doubts about the possibility of vaccines and treatments to address it, promising scientific news has emerged during the past two days.

A new study has revealed that a drug to treat Corona Made with a mixture of two types of antibodies, proven to be effective against mutated strains of virus.

In the details, researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine found that the combination of two of three antibodies within one drug is effective against the most infectious strains, which first appeared in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Brazil and India, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”. .

Strong strains also fight infection

The results indicated that drugs made with two antibodies are highly effective in neutralizing highly infectious variants.

In addition, the study found that combinations of two antibodies often retained their activity against variants even when one of the two antibodies lost some or all of the ability to neutralize the variant in laboratory studies.

Laboratory mice (expressive)

Laboratory mice (expressive)

It is noteworthy that antibodies have been used from an early age to treat corona cases, as they were previously used to treat former US President Donald Trump, after he was confirmed to have been infected in October 2020.

Amazing results

In this context, said Dr. Michael Diamond, senior researcher on that study, and a professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine, that laboratory experiments on animals showed very surprising results as some combinations performed better than expected.

He also added that there was no resistance to the drug combinations at all on the part of all the mutated strains.

“Dual therapy appears to prevent the emergence of resistant viruses,” said study co-author Dr. Jaco Poon, professor of medicine, microbiology, pathology and immunology, while resistance emerged with monotherapies.

Corona vaccine

Corona vaccine

Weight loss and lung inflammation

It is noteworthy that, during their study, the researchers treated mice and hamsters with antibodies – individually and in combination – a day before they were infected with the virus variants. The results showed that single antibodies had little ability to neutralize viral variants, but the combination protected most animals from disease.

Corona test

Corona test

Also, the animals given a single antibody lost at least 15 percent of their weight over six days, and developed lung infections and high amounts of viral RNA in their noses and throats.

Whereas, the animals treated with the complex antibodies did not lose weight, did not have pneumonia and had low amounts of viral RNA in their noses and throats.

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