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Tuesday 08 June 2021


Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, reassured parents in high school, saying in one of the “WhatsApp” groups: “Please do not worry, because we are studying all these matters for you, and we will give tablet students additional time that varies from one exam to another so that they can monitor The answers are on the paper and electronic systems, and this is not stipulated in the announced table.

Shawky added: “Simply match the ball for 90 minutes, and then the referee decides the extra time, and we are as well. We will tell all the committees about the extra time for each exam separately.”

Regarding equal opportunities in joint exams, Shawky said: “This is also a finished issue. These exams have nothing to do with equal opportunities of any kind! The coordination of a scientific section is different from that of a literary section, and the minimum admission threshold for universities is different, and therefore exams are unified for those who are coordinated together only.”

The minister addressed one of the parents: “Oh, I regret it, please help the children to prepare and leave the academic and executive affairs to us, and let us remember that they apply to everyone and coordination also applies to everyone and not only to my son/daughter.”

Regarding the unified coordination, I asked one of the parents why the 2019 and 2020 batches were combined with the tablet batch. Shawky said: “This question is not for us, but it is higher education and the coordination office.”

Shawky also confirmed that some interpretations were made about the appearance of the result immediately after the exam and that the questions would be simple choices, as some education experts said. Shawky said: “We announced the final decisions with clarity and there is no need for this confusion at this time. .

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