Good skin.. President’s advisor to the Egyptians: We have passed the summit of the third Corona wave


The Adviser to the President of the Republic for Health Affairs, Dr. Muhammad Awad Taj El-Din, said that the black fungus is not new and what has sparked controversy during the recent period, especially with the emergence of cases in India, the outbreak of diabetes and the emergence of Corona disease.

The President’s Health Adviser on Black Fungus:

This causes the patient to be given antibiotics, and as for the epidemiological situation of the Corona virus, he confirmed through his speech and said that we have passed the top of the third wave, and the infected numbers have begun to decrease, but this requires continuing all precautionary measures, in order to reduce the transmission of the disease .

Dr. Taj El-Din indicated, through a press conference held today, Thursday, at the Federal Presidency of the Republic, that there are three human infections caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi, as a result of taking antibiotics for a long time.

And the President’s Health Adviser revealed that cases are monitored due to loss of immunity, which causes fungal infections, and in this case, treatment with antifungals is carried out, including: black fungus Which was discovered in 1885, in Egypt and the whole world.

He explained that linking corona with the black fungus is limited to cases of immunodeficiency, or irregular diabetes, but its treatment already exists, and indicated that prevention needs to organize the treatment of diseases that reduce immunity, and lead to infection with black fungus, as it is taken under medical supervision at the time. the appropriate.


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