Hala Shiha comes out of her isolation because of the incident of harassment, my lady


star abandoned Shihas solution About her voluntary isolation on social media, since her marriage to preacher and producer Moez Masoud, and she returned to solidarity with the airport woman who was harassed, and the circulating video clip provoked a strong reaction, and its echoes reached the Egyptian Public Prosecution, which ordered the arrest of the harasser and his detention pending investigation.

Shiha's solution
Hala Shiha demanded punishment for the harasser (photo from Instagram)

Hala commented on the incident through the Al-Astori feature on her Instagram account, where she posted a video documenting the incident on the victim’s lips and said: Unfortunately, this is happening at Egypt’s international airport, and Egypt’s front and entrance does not have the slightest respect for citizens.

Hala Shiha commented on the harassment incident

Hala Shiha continued, calling on the competent authorities to intervene to put an end to this person, saying: I wish the competent authorities would change these people and hire people worthy of this place and express Egypt with my truth, not a little ignorant, a shame that happens.

The Egyptian Public Prosecution charged the employee at Cairo Airport, who is accused of photographing a girl without her consent, two charges, according to Articles 306 bis (a) and 306 bis (b) of the Penal Code, in which the penalty is imprisonment, before ordering today to imprison him pending investigations and bring him to criminal trial.

The list of accusations included insulting others in a public place by making sexual or pornographic insinuations or insinuations by means of communications, by photographing the girl behind her without her knowledge and consent, an act that punishes its owner with imprisonment for a period of no less than 6 months and a fine of no less than three thousand pounds And not to exceed five thousand pounds or one of these two penalties, according to Article 306 bis (a) of the Penal Code.

The accused also faces another accusation of sexual harassment; The fact that the act committed by photographing the girl was – with the intent of the offender obtaining a benefit of a sexual nature from the victim – which is legally punishable by imprisonment for a period of no less than one year and a fine of no less than ten thousand pounds and not more than twenty thousand pounds, or one of these two penalties, according to Article 306 bis (b) of the same law.

The Public Prosecution had previously issued an official statement confirming that the Monitoring and Analysis Unit of the Attorney General’s Office monitored the day before yesterday the circulation of a video broadcast by a girl on a social networking site, in which she was harmed by someone who filmed her in a way that violated her sanctity. Then, the next morning, the Public Prosecution received a report from the girl against An employee at Cairo Airport to stealthily photograph her while she completes her arrival procedures at Cairo Airport.

The Public Prosecution indicated that the accused testified during the investigations that as soon as she became aware of the accused’s act, she informed her relatives who were with her, and they confronted the accused with his action and informed the security authorities of the incident. .

The Public Prosecution indicated that the accused and the crime were caught in flagrante delicto, and questioned about what is attributed to him of his exposure to the victim in a public place by taking two pictures of her with his mobile phone without her consent showing places on her body with the intent of obtaining a benefit of a sexual nature, he denied and claimed to have taken the pictures in a desire to document The crowd in which the victim was present to present it to his superiors, denying that he intended otherwise by taking pictures of the victim in this way.

The prosecution noted that it looked at the contents of the accused’s phone, and saw my victim’s photo, as it testified in the investigations, and pictures of others taken in the same way, so I confronted him with them, so he admitted taking the victim’s pictures without intending to show them in the way they were taken, and claimed that he did not know how the rest of the pictures were on his phone.

The Public Prosecution indicated that the investigations of the search party – as stated by its conduct in the investigations – confirmed that the accused secretly took pictures of the victim’s chaste citizen and pictures of others in the same way, in an area not covered by the port’s monitoring machines, and that his work tasks do not allow him to photograph inside the port .

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