Hamad bin Jassim tweets about “electronic flies” and what he wishes and wants from the governments of his “army”


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)—The Sheikh ate Hamad bin Jassim Al ThaniThe former Prime Minister of Qatar, the subject of the “siege”, in reference to the “boycott” previously announced by Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain, along with Egypt, against Doha, which officially ended after AlUla summit In Saudi Arabia at the beginning of this year.

This came in a series of tweets by Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim on his official Twitter page, where he said: “I deliberately did not write these lines on the fifth of June, which is the sad anniversary day in which the unjust siege was imposed on my country without any reason or justification, and I preferred to wait until the next day. The siege ended, thank God, and it has not entered its fifth year… Yes, the siege has ended, but has the Gulf Cooperation Council returned to what it was, or has it become as we wish?

He continued, “We want and hope that the Gulf cohesion, which I hope will not be lost forever, will be reconstructed. We hope and want the governments to release the armies of electronic flies that they have armed and unleashed, so that they will stop their cheap absurdities that harm all peoples and countries.”

He added, “We want and hope that the council’s leaders will study the situation of their peoples, present and future, and draw lessons from the bitter experiences of the past, not in a half-hour meeting, but in a day or two. Perhaps the leaders will come out seriously with historical decisions that their people wish, deserve and demand.”

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