Hamad bin Jassim wonders bitterly about the fate of the “Gulf cohesion”


Hamad bin Jassim bitterly wonders about his fate


In a tone full of sadness, the former Prime Minister of Qatar, Hamad bin Jassim, tweeted on the anniversary of his country’s “siege”, expressing several wishes, most notably that “the Gulf cohesion that I hope we will not lose forever.”

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Hamad bin Jassim talks about

The former high-ranking Qatari official wrote on his Twitter account, pointing out that he deliberately did not write about the “sad memory” on its fifth date of June, and chose to wait for the next day to talk about what he described as the “unjust siege imposed on my country without any reason or justification.”

Hamad bin Jassim indicated that “the siege has ended” and has not entered its fifth year, but he wondered: “But has the Cooperation Council returned as it was? Or has it become as we wish?”

He expressed feelings of sadness because of “the high levels of hatred that we suffer from in our region, and what some people play and manipulate the emotions of peoples, and the poisoning that afflicted many minds. “.

Bin Jassim said in the same context: “We want and hope that the Gulf cohesion will be rebuilt, which I hope we will not lose forever,” adding a second wish that “governments release the armies of electronic flies that they have armed and unleashed, until they stop what they are doing of cheap tampering that harms them.” All peoples and nations.”

The veteran Qatari official concluded his series of tweets by expressing the hope that “the leaders of the Council will study the situation of their peoples, present and future, and draw lessons from the bitter experiences of the past, not in a meeting for half an hour, but in a day or two. “.

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