Haneen Hosam: A 10-year prison sentence for the “Tik Tok” girl in Egypt


Haneen Hossam

photo released, Youtube

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Hanin appeared in a later video in which she defended herself, and said that the video she broadcast was “cut and distorted.”

An Egyptian court sentenced the activist on Tik Tok, Haneen Hosam, to prison. 10 years and fined 200 One thousand Egyptian pounds (about 13 thousand US dollars).

The court also sentenced Mawaddah al-Adham and three others to six years in prison and a fine of 200,000 pounds each for “human trafficking.”

The prosecution charged the defendants with several charges, including “assaulting the values ​​and principles of the Egyptian family and society, participating with others in luring and exploiting girls through direct broadcasts, and committing the crime of human trafficking.”

The accusations also included “receiving bank transfers from the management of the Tik Tok application in exchange for what it achieved by viewing and publishing videos that incite immorality to increase the percentage of its followers, and membership in the “WhatsApp” group to receive assignments to exploit girls.”

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