Hani Gerges Fawzy.. the quiet departure of a film director that sparked controversy


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Today, Sunday, the funeral of producer and film director Hani Gerges Fawzy was held, in the presence of his family and friends.

Fawzy is considered among the top producers in Egypt in the nineties of the twentieth century, and his father is the producer Gerges Fawzy.

Fawzi entered the directorial experience for the first time in the movie “Without Censorship” in 2009, and his works varied, whether as a producer, during which she aroused controversy due to the boldness of her ideas and scenes, including “The Lovers Stories,” “Forbidden Wife” and “The Gentle,” or as a director of films. Including “Emotions” and “Gersonira”.

The late has been absent from the cinema for more than 10 years since the presentation of his movie “Without Censorship”, and announced his return with the project of the novel “Minor Betrayal”, but he did not see the light.


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