Hani Salama reveals his opinion on presenting a second part of the movie “The Ladder and the Serpent” .. Video


Artist Hani Salama revealed the fact that a second part of the film The Peace and the Serpent was presented, 20 years after the first part, which was shown in 2001, stressing that there is no second part of the film and that the idea of ​​repeating roles is not a correct idea.

Salama replied, in a video he posted on his Instagram account, in response to the question, “Is there another part of peace and fatigue?”, He said: “The idea of ​​repetition for me, I do not see it, is a correct idea, can I make other romantic films, it does not have to be another part, And that the idea of ​​diversity in itself, I see that it is required, and this is the role of the actor, that he performs various roles and different roles,” stressing: “Romantic films are not limited to one movie.”


The movie “The Ladder and the Serpent”, co-starring Hani Salama with Hala Shiha and Ahmed Helmy, was shown for the first time in cinemas on June 18, 2001, and its events revolve around Hazem, the morally reckless young man who works in an advertising agency, and encounters Yasmine, the tango coach who turns his life upside down. upside down and make him return to the right path of his life, after his failure to be a faithful husband and a good father, and events continue.


On the other hand, the star Hani Salama commented, earlier, on the reason for re-presenting the story of the series “Between Heaven and Earth” more than 60 years after the success of the film about the same story by the writer Naguib Mahfouz, stressing that the perception in the series is different, and new characters were added She was not in the movie.


Hani Salama published a video through his account on the “Instagram” website, commenting on the reason for using a story by the writer Naguib Mahfouz, which was previously presented in a famous and successful movie 60 years ago, saying: “The two workers in the series depicted a little bit differently and in characters that are not present in the original story … and the topic is advanced. In a different time and development.


Salama continued: “Of course, this was a great challenge, and the first time we knew that we would present this story. All members of the work were eager to present a different need, and thank God we were able to communicate to people and to new generations who could not see the original work to simulate the temporal evolution and the topics in which they live.”


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