Hazem Imam: I watched the African Basketball Final on my nerves… and my daughters asked me about the color purple


Hazem Imam, the former Zamalek star, confirmed that the African Basketball Final match, in which Al-Abyad was crowned, was difficult, and he followed it with tense nerves, but he was confident in crowning the championship, in light of the confidence in the team’s players, especially as they play with their hearts and the spirit of Zamalek.

Al-Thaleb said in statements to the Zamalek channel: “I followed the final on my nerves, and I knew that we would win the championship, and my daughters followed the final match with me, and they were asking about the reason for the color of Zamalek’s clothes, which was j move.

And the former Zamalek star added that the players did not win the championship out of thin air, but rather as a result of effort and hard training, so the tournament has a special taste because it is the first African championship under the supervision of the NAB

Zamalek crowned the African Basketball Championship title after beating Tunisias Monastir in the final of Africa, which was held in Rwanda, achieving the full mark.


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