He hit him and cut off his shirt.. A young man from Al-Banzina forgives Ahmed Saad


The girl, the bomber, announced the gasoline incident – in which he Artist Ahmed SaadBy assaulting a young man by slapping his face and cutting his shirt – new details about the incident, inside a petrol station in New Cairo.

The girl said in her post that the abused young man reconciled with Ahmed Saad, after apologizing, noting that she would not give up her personal right to the incident, because the singer insulted her and her sister, after their intervention to try to end the incident.

Ahmed Saad quarrel

This comes after one of the pioneers of the social networking site Facebook published a picture inside a “gas station”, in which the artist Ahmed Saad appeared, arguing with a young man, while two men calmed him.

The girl revealed, about the details of the incident, according to her saying: “Today, I was in the petrol station of the Emirates of Egypt next to Downtown and I saw a young man.. In the twenties he was preparing an egg from behind a BMW x5/6 car, and the car was coming back quickly and the boy was confused, so the boy was a response A natural act, he said, “Keep in mind and you are back, my love.”

And the girl continued, “It turned out that the one who was riding in Arabic was the artist / thug Ahmed Saad, and he went to him and said, “Who are you talking about, come?” So the boy replied to him. He said, “Come on? With your words.” So he answered us with very filthy insults and smiled at us and walked in Arabic.”

The eyewitness to the incident concluded the words of her publication, saying: “This situation is between me, eh, we are a valuable item for people who do not deserve them, and their relatives live in a very normal medium.”

Al-Bazina incident update

An eyewitness to the incident of the artist Ahmed Saad’s quarrel, inside a gas station “Benzina” in New Cairo – revealed new developments, regarding the incident in which the popular singer beat and slapped a young man.

The girl added an update to her post and said that Ahmed Saad apologized to the young man after hitting him and tearing his “t-shirt”, pointing out that she would not leave her right with the singer, because he had insulted her.

And the girl wrote, in the new update of her post about the incident of Ahmed Saad: “Update: The young man who assaulted him called us and we knew from him that he kicked him and apologized to him that he “beaten” him, and the matter is over. And my sister is insulting it, so the post will continue to exist until this thug takes his punishment.”


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