He kept following the GPS.. and the result did not occur to him


But that was not the case for an American driver in the state Massachusetts.

In the details, the driver steered incorrectly based on GPS data, which eventually landed him in a hole on a golf course, which almost led to a disaster.

The man was driving a black SUV and drove his friends to their destinations at two in the morning, and because he did not know the way in the dark, he used the GPS system.

And several kilometers from Boston, the state capital, the car passed a gate golf club, until he fell into the hole.

He called the police, saying that he was stuck in the car at the golf club, indicating that he had lost his way due to reliance on “GPS”.

Police said the man did not appear intoxicated and did not face any charges, and the four-wheel drive vehicles were removed from the scene.

An officer in US police: “I think the moral of the story is that if you’re using a GPS app, you have to keep your eyes on the road, it won’t lie to you.”

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