“He killed the guard dogs and jumped out of the kitchen window” .. The investigation of the accused with


10:15 AM

Friday 04 June 2021

Books – Saber El Mahlawy:

The Public Prosecution Office in Badrashin is investigating a person accused of stealing the villa of the artist Sayed Ragab in Badrashin.

The Public Prosecution ordered the security services to quickly investigate the incident, to find out its circumstances.

Investigations revealed that the accused managed to kill two guard dogs of the villa and stole part of its contents. The forces arrested the accused, and he confessed to committing the incident.

The security services in Giza received a report stating that the villa of the artist Sayed Ragab had been stolen in the Badrashin area. Immediately, a security force from the detectives moved to the location of the incident, and it was found that there were two guard dogs who were killed, and that the perpetrator entered the kitchen window.

Immediately, a search and investigation team was formed to examine the circumstances of the incident, and by reviewing the cameras, the identity of the accused was reached, and the forces headed by Colonel Mohamed Abdel Shakour, Inspector of the South Giza Sector Investigations, were able to arrest him and refer him to the prosecution, which started the investigation.

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