He threatened to kill everyone if he didn’t get a meal


Fox News reported on Wednesday that the incident occurred last week in Stanford County, California Virginia.

James Springer, 36, who works as a driver, walked into a restaurant.McDonald’sIn the morning, he was calm before turning to turmoil, when it was said that it was too early to have a Happy Meal because of the time it would take to make it.

Before leaving the restaurant, James said that he would return later and execute everyone present, if he did not get meal.

Faced with this threat, McDonald’s workers called the police to inform him of what was happening.

Before the police reached the restaurant, they received another report about a man brandishing a firearm inside a car, before it became clear that he was the same person who threatened the restaurant’s employees.

Police searches focused away from the restaurant for fear of shootings, and in the meantime, James returned to the restaurant, where he threatened another customer.

When his car was searched, a firearm was found, and the judicial authorities charged him with 4 counts.


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