Head of the “Episcopal”: We are studying all possibilities in our dispute with the “Evangelist.”


08:23 PM

Thursday 10 June 2021


Archbishop Dr. Sami Fawzy, Archbishop of Alexandria, confirmed to the Episcopal Church that the church is studying all possibilities in its dispute with the Evangelical sect, while preserving the episcopal identity, adding: “We appreciate the Evangelical Church, and Rev. Dr. Andre Zaki called me to congratulate me on the new position. Rifaat Fathi had attended to congratulate me on my post.

Fawzy said during his first meeting with journalists: “We have been present in Egypt for more than 200 years, and our first church was in Alexandria, the Church of St. Mark. We are active members of the Council of Churches, and we have our representative in the Council, Reverend Jesus Bakhit. Currently, the Greek Orthodox Church is leading the work and we participate in committees.” different and varied.

The head of the Episcopal Church added: “Joint activities with priests and sheikhs brought me together, and I was serving in Alexandria, and we have strong relations with Al-Azhar. We are currently seeking to establish a center for Islamic-Christian studies within the church in the name of Bishop Munir Hanna for Islamic-Christian Studies, so that people learn how to dialogue and deal between Christians and Muslims.”

Fawzi stressed that the relations between the Episcopal Church and all other churches are strong, such as Patriarch Ibrahim Ishaq, Pope Tawadros and the Evangelical Church, and this does not mean that our identity dissolves in the other, adding: The Orthodox Church celebrates the Eastern calendar and the rest of the churches celebrate the Western calendar, expressing his wish that the churches abandon this calendar. one day.

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