“Health” closes a famous dentist’s clinic in the Fifth Settlement


The Ministry of Health and Population, represented by the Department of Free Treatment and Licensing, in cooperation with the Supply Intelligence, launched a magnifying campaign, to review compliance with the required health requirements and licenses for hospitals, medical centers, clinics, laboratories and pharmacies.

A source in the Ministry of Health and Population stated, in statements that the campaign resulted in the monitoring of a clinic for a famous doctor in the Fifth Settlement, and it was confirmed that the clinic was run without a license from the Ministry of Health and Population.The Ministry of Health team closed the clinic administratively until the license was issued, and the clinic was waxed with red wax, and the medicines and medical supplies in the clinic were seized.

The Ministry of Health and Population continues its campaigns on all medical facilities to control performance, preserve the health and safety of the Egyptian patient, and protect him from falling victim to exploitation.


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