Health reveals new initiatives, including “examination of those who are about to marry”


Dr. Jalal Al-Shishini, Assistant Minister of Health and Population for Public Health Initiatives Affairs, said that during the past seven years, the Ministry of Health’s strategy has evolved, as it has come to present the principles of public health, adding, during an intervention via the Skype feature on the evening program dmc, that health has provided over the past years a number of Initiatives, including the initiative to eliminate Hepatitis C, as well as an initiative to end diseases that affect the Egyptian society, such as diseases that cause death and increase the health burden on the state.

The Assistant Minister of Health added that human health is one of the most important priorities of the state within the state’s strategy for 2030, adding that citizens’ trust is one of the most important factors for success.

Al-Shishini continued: Soon we will announce a number of new initiatives, such as the initiative to conduct examinations for those who are about to marry, as well as a number of new services to be added to the kidney disease initiative, as well as conducting analyzes of blood fat levels, which concern most of the chronically ill.

The Assistant Minister of Health continued, that the initiatives provided about 105 million services to citizens, stressing that they are at no cost to citizens, adding that the Hepatitis C initiative through which 70 million citizens were detected, noting that the initiative reduced treatment for citizens from 50,000 to 800 pounds only. As well as avoiding infection of four other people in contact with one patient.


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