Heidi Karam: 59 percent of women are exposed to psychological warfare from their husbands, madam


The actress continued Hedy KaramPresenting the results of documented scientific studies on social phenomena that pertain to the family in general and women in particular. This time, I resorted to a study issued by a specialized institute in Brazil that was conducted on 600 people of both sexes, and revealed that 59% of women are exposed to psychological warfare from their husbands.

Heidi Karam
Hedy Karam accuses husbands of distorting the facts

The artist, Hedy Karam, added, during the program Ragel and 2 Setat, which is broadcast on the . channel onThe types of psychological warfare revealed by the study are represented in that the husband tries to persuade his wife to doubt herself when she does not accept his interpretation of things, and when he wants to distort the facts to serve his interest; He wages psychological warfare against her or wants to show himself as a victim in front of society and that his wife is a slanderer.

And the artist, Hedy Karam, added that the man always wants to change the characteristics of his wife, “her laughter and the way she spoke”, but he forgets that temperament prevails, pointing out that the wife should not change her character unless she is fully convinced.

The artist, Hedy Karam, said that a person can change himself greatly if there is a will and conviction, but a woman should not change her character because her husband will exert pressure and coercion on her, but she must have a desire for change.

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