Hisham Ismail attacks the media because of Ferjani Sassi and the conspiracy theory: Is it because of Al-Ahly’s fault, they change the street? | news


The artist, Hisham Ismail, who is known for his great love for the Zamalek club, spoke about the crises of the White Castle and his feeling that someone is stalking the club and seeking to destroy it, and the existence of a crisis between Zamalek and another entity that he did not name.

Hisham Ismail made a phone call to Ahmed Gamal’s “Fil Joul” program on Al-Hadath channel today, and talked about the crisis of renewing the contract of Ferjani Sassi, the Zamalek midfielder.

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Below we review the most prominent statements of Hisham Ismail about Zamalek.

– The goal of removing Mortada Mansour was not due to Mortada’s person and his behavior. Rather, there is a desire by some to bring the club into crises that make the football team flounder for at least two seasons so that the rival club can adjust its conditions and achieve some achievements and championships.

– Patrice Carteron was smuggled before the CAF Champions League final, and panic appeared in the video he collected with Mortada Mansour before his departure, and it seemed as if he had been threatened if he did not leave Zamalek immediately.

– “The one who will stand up to the chivalry will die… The Bayern Munich plane has been delayed for 9 hours”, in order to reach the players in a state of stress.

– Now a number of Esperance players have complained to the club in the Tunisian Football Federation, can this be considered a normal and coincidental thing?

– I am a fan of conspiracy theory, because it has been true since 1911, as evidenced by the transfer of the Zamalek club headquarters 4 times throughout its history, which has not happened with any club.

– Ferjani Sassi has the right to receive any contract value, even if 100 million pounds, what is the matter with others?

– Those who object to the renewal of Ferjani Sassi use the term “wear of wear.” I have never heard of the term “weak dress” other than with Zamalek club.

Is “Awad Al-Labs” devoid of Walter Bwalya, who received 3 million dollars, or Geraldo, who received one million dollars as consolation in exchange for the termination of his contract, or 5 million dollars in exchange for contracting with Hussein Al-Shahat, and Aliou Badji, who was loaned for only 250 thousand euros, while the contract was signed Basically with him for 2 million euros, “Does the clothes do not work for them, and they change in the street, for example?”

– Any influential player in Zamalek will be “disappeared” and what happens in the sports media is a “disgrace.” The Zamalek club is Egyptian and not from a hostile country.

– The other team wins championships as it likes, and if it encounters any difficulties, it “knows to take championships in other ways”, so what is the harm for Zamalek to remain stable, and the competitor obtains championships in his own way? Sibni live Aabih.

Jimmy Pacheco left Zamalek for no reason after his success in uniting the team, and within the conspiracy theory finding internal reasons in Zamalek, through the directives of officials affiliated with “that entity”, in order to disrupt the club’s interests.

– No official will succeed in building a brick outside the headquarters of the Zamalek club, and they may find it difficult to maintain the headquarters itself.

– I have been a fan of Zamalek for 30 years, and I have not seen any club whose board of directors is dissolved, except for Zamalek and the withdrawal of the lands allocated to it.

– Zamalek will not be allowed to increase its popularity and open other branches, the goal is to reduce the popularity of Zamalek by losing championships over the years, so that new generations grow up that do not encourage the team, and encourage the rival club, the most widespread, popular and winning championships.

– When residents of El-Shorouk City or 6th of October do not find a branch close to them, they will have to join the other club whose branches are available around them.

My daughter is 5 years old, and she is surprised that there are no pictures of Zamalek players in the ads and that they are limited to Al-Ahly players, and she told me that she thinks that this is deliberate in order not to encourage Zamalek children.

– My daughter conveyed her message simply, and she said to me: All the ads are for Al-Ahly players, and the goal is not to encourage children to Zamalek.. Is it logical that life is for Al-Ahly only and the ads are for Al-Ahly and its players only, as if there are no other clubs and stars?!

– The Zamalek team includes handsome players by cinema standards, such as Ashraf Ben Sharqi and Ferjani Sassi, and others who are star-studded, such as Tariq Hamed and Shikabala, but you must buy a potato bag bearing the image of Mustafa Schubert, who did not play a single match with Al-Ahly.

Is it logical that all advertisements are for Al-Ahly players? What is happening is an attempt to prove that Al-Ahly Club is the only representative of Egypt in the whole world and not only in Africa, while Zamalek does not exist, without branches and without stability.

– Zamalek fans were prevented from receiving the basketball team after its return from the African Championship, in order not to show the extent of the club’s popularity.

The committee that manages Zamalek is responsible for coordinating and obtaining security approvals to protect the club’s fans.

– I am a fan of Shikabala and I refuse to let the players go behind the fans, because responding to insults with similar insults condemns the player, and it is an excuse that is always aimed at trapping the player and punishing him.

– There is hateful racism against Shikabala from the other side, punishable by the International Football Association and international bodies, and they were previously warned by the Confederation of Africa, which proposed organizing courses to teach the public the correct way of encouragement.

– Racism must be stopped with legal measures in Egypt and the International Football Association must be notified.

– I understand the idea of ​​Sayed Abdel Hafeez getting the referees phone numbers, because things are going in a friendly manner, and people deal as friends and participate in playing Ramadan tournaments together.

There is basically no competition in Egyptian football. What happens is a play that always ends with the victory of one pole, and the league will be a reward for Al-Ahly.

– I feel the pressures Ferjani Sassi is going through, he loves Egypt and the Zamalek fans, and at the same time he has a decision regarding his work and his source of livelihood, which makes him adhere to his financial right, and try to get as much profit as possible that allows him to continue in the Egyptian League in the Zamalek shirt.

Sassi’s crisis is similar to what any employee goes through who loves his work, but feels lack of financial appreciation or lack of guarantee of his rights, so when he finds a better opportunity in another place, he prefers to move to it despite his love for the place.

Ferjani Sassi did not abandon Zamalek and his fans, and he loves his relationship with them, and he will do his best to continue, but if he finds an inflexible negotiation style from the Zamalek administration, he will leave immediately.

It is noteworthy that Hisham Ismail recently participated in the series “Against Al Kasr” with Nelly Karim, Mohamed Farraj and Liqa’ Al-Khamisi, and the series “The Best Father” with Ali Rabie, Sami Maghawry and Hajar Ahmed, and he resumes filming his role in the series “Open Vacation,” a 45-episode social series. It is co-starring Sherif Mounir, Al-Khamisi, Nourhan, Murad Makram and Malak Koura, and it was written by Ahmed Mahmoud Abu Zeid and directed by Mohamed Hamaki, and it is expected to be shown during 2021.

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