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08:51 AM | Tuesday 08 June 2021

5 stars in Pyramids are planning to move to Al-Ahly


There are 5 stars within the club’s first football team Pyramids They are planning to move to the club Al Ahly With the beginning of the new season, they are Ahmed Al-Shennawi and Al-Mahdi Suleiman, the team’s guards, Ahmed Tawfiq, Abdullah Bakri, and Ibrahim Adel.

Ahmed El-Shennawy, goalkeeper for Pyramids

A competition between Ahmed El-Shennawy and El-Mahdi Suleiman to play for Al-Ahly

There is a desire among Pyramids goalkeepers Ahmed El-Shennawy and Mahdi Suleiman, and they competed to move to Al-Ahly Club, at the beginning of the new season, in light of their presence on the bench for the benefit of their teammate Sherif Ekramy, who suffers from a decline in the level, but is still guarding the team’s den, What was confirmed by the journalist Ahmed Schubert in radio statements on his program on “On Sport FM” radio.

Ahmed Tawfik, Pyramids player

Ahmed Tawfik and Abdullah Bakri put Al-Ahly on top of their priorities

And “Al-Watan Sport” learned that the duo Ahmed Tawfiq and Abdullah Bakri, Pyramids players, whose contract with the heavenly club expires at the end of the current season, and they are entitled to sign to any club at the present time, and 6 months before the end of their contract with the team, without obtaining permission from the management Their club, according to the regulations of the International Federation “FIFA”, puts Al-Ahly club on top of their priorities in order to move to it, if they receive official offers from the officials of the Red Castle, in light of the failure of Pyramids officials to reach a final agreement with them regarding the renewal.

Ibrahim Adel is a winger for the first football team at Pyramids Club

Ibrahim Adel, the fifth player in Pyramids, hopes to move to Al-Ahly

The fifth player in the Pyramids team, who wants to play for Al-Ahly at the beginning of the new season, is Ibrahim Adel, after several press reports revealed, during the past days, his signature for Al-Ahmar, and there is a desire by the player to move to the Red Castle at the end of the current season.

Press reports also confirmed that Al-Ahly and Pyramids officials are welcome to conclude a reciprocal deal between the two clubs during the upcoming summer transfers.


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