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11:56 PM | Thursday 10 June 2021

After the red advisor refused.. Abdullah Al-Saeed turns to the lawyer of Zamalek against Al-Ahly

After the red advisor refused.. Abdullah Al-Saeed resorts to the lawyer of Zamalek against Al-Ahly

Counselor Hisham Abd Rabbo refused a request Abdullah Al-Saeed Pyramids first football team player, standing by him against the club Al Ahly, in the ruling issued against the player of the heavenly team with the right of the Red Castle to obtain an amount of two million dollars officially during the coming period, so the player has become in a severe crisis, because he is required to pay the value of the penalty clause to Al-Ahly club officially.

After Al-Ahmar’s advisor refused.. Abdullah Al-Saeed turns to Zamalek’s lawyer against Al-Ahly

Al-Watan Sport was alone this Thursday morning, with Abdullah Al-Saeed resorting to Hisham Abd Rabbo, the current advisor of Al-Ahly club, in the file of his crisis with the Red Castle, with the support of Mohamed Abdel Wahab, a former board member.

And “Al-Watan Sport”, at the present time, learned that Abdullah Al-Saeed contacted Nasr Azzam, the private and legal lawyer of the Zamalek club, in order to stand by him in the case of the penalty clause signed in favor of Al-Ahly club officially, and to defend him in order to officially drop the ruling during the coming period. .

Nasr Azzam, the lawyer for Zamalek club

Mohamed Abdel-Wahab, a former member of the Al-Ahly club’s board of directors, mediated with Abdullah Al-Saeed in order for Hisham Abd Rabbo, Al-Ahly’s advisor, to defend him in this case, but the latter rejected the offer permanently, because of his association with Al-Ahly club and its fans completely.

A major crisis faces Abdullah Al-Saeed after he was fined $ 2 million

Abdullah Al-Saeed is in a major crisis, especially since the ruling issued by the Sports Court during the last period has not been appealed until this moment.

It is worth noting that the Sports Court issued an official decree fining Abdullah Al-Saeed $ 2 million in favor of Al-Ahly Club, after the player violated the contract concluded between him and Al-Ahly Club, when he returned from Al-Ahly Jeddah Club to Pyramids Club, which is contrary to the contract concluded between the two parties.


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