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06:53 PM | Sunday 27 June 2021

Al-Ahly’s first response to the killing of the club’s swimming coach: He was practicing his work yesterday

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Raouf Abdel Qader, director of sports activity at Al-Ahly Club, revealed some of the scenes of the killing of Hossam Al-Senussi, the swimming coach for the 2007 team in Alahli football clubAnd when the administration received news of his death.

Raouf Abdel Qader said in exclusive statements to “Al-Watan Sport” that he received news of the killing of a swimming coach for the 2007 team in Al-Ahly Club in the last hours on Saturday evening, stressing that Hossam Al-Senussi was practicing his work yesterday morning, accompanied by all his assistants.

He pointed out that the widespread news that Al-Ahly’s swimming coach was killed by his assistant, stressing that the club’s management has not taken any decisions towards the assistant coach until now, pending final investigations.

He added that the security authorities are conducting investigations in order to find out the culprit before making an official decision regarding his assistant accused of involvement in the crime.

6 instructions from the Ministry of Sports to organize the work of swimming pools and Corona measures

The Ministry of Youth and Sports issued a circular distributed to all youth and sports directorates in all governorates, emphasizing adherence to the precautionary controls and procedures for the use of swimming pools during the current period.

The circular included stressing the commitment to the following:

First: Dividing the bathroom into several lanes to ensure a safe distance between practitioners and trainees.

Second: The necessity of the presence of lifeguards around the bathroom to ensure the safety of the practitioners.

Third: Complete and continuous sterilization around the bathroom, during and after training and use.

Fourth: Observe the requirements for the cleanliness of the water and the degree of sterilization in accordance with the requirements of preventive medicine, and the hesitant people should not go to the swimming pool more than once and touch the external surfaces around the bathroom for many times to ensure limiting the spread of infection.

Fifth: Each youth and sports authority is responsible for providing precautionary measures and following up on their implementation.

Sixth: Determining places for entry and exit to prevent crowding during the training period in a sequence that ensures that there is no congestion, crowding and contact between trainees and hesitant people.


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