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04:56 PM | Friday 11 June 2021

From Al-Azhar to the stadium and the petrol station.. A “Brazilian” struggle journey towards stardom

Taha the Brazilian player of the Somasta Youth Center

He heads to Al-Azhar University every morning in order to attend lectures and listen to his professors in addition to taking exams, then returns to participate in matches with his team, the Somasta Youth Center, before concluding his night by heading to work at a gas station, an arduous daily journey that “Taha Abdel-Azim undertakes.” Known as the Brazilian, the rising player in the ranks of the Somasta Youth Center team in Beni Suef Governorate, who participates in the Upper Egypt group in League Two Excellent B, but facing the aluminum may be the turning point for this young talent.

Taha Abdel Azim, or the Brazilian, was born in October of the year 2000. He started his career at the age of eighteen, playing in the morning with the juniors of Somasta and heading in the evening to work as a bakery.

The Brazilian, who is proficient in the center back and left wing, was promoted to the first team of the Somasta Youth Center after his brilliance, while he began his university studies, where he joined the Faculty of Arabic Language at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, the conditions became more difficult, and the hardship of the journey increased.

The Brazilian on his difficult journey: Too distracted and exhausted from traveling

The Brazilian left his previous job, as it conflicted with the training schedule, to go to work with his brother in a store that sells gasoline and oils, and as “Al-Barazili” explained to “Al-Watan Sport”, he now goes to Al-Azhar University and returns for training and matches only.

Taha the Brazilian player of the Somasta Youth Center

And about the difficulty of his daily trip, Taha Al-Brazilian spoke: “The truth is that I am very distracted, and also exhausted from traveling, I travel twice a day from Cairo to Beni Suef, so surely the matter will be difficult, and the financial return that he takes from the team is very little and is not mentioned, and he helps me in My personal life”.

Somasta star: My dream is to play in the Premier League… and my mother is the most supportive person

And about his dreams in the world of football, his answer came to express simplicity and conviction, as he replied, saying: “My dream is to reach a good place, but not more, and I want to build a good future because I love football very much, and all of this is done because I love the Korean from my childhood, despite all the pressures, but I try and God. With my hands, I may be tired, and I myself am playing in the Premier League, not more.”

And about the role of his family in helping him during his arduous journey, the Brazilian confirmed that all his brothers support him, and everyone supports him in his football career, but the person who supports him the most is his mother.

Perhaps the most prominent point in the Brazilian’s journey was the Somasta Youth Center team, when it faced its aluminum club counterpart in a difficult confrontation at the Biba Youth Center Stadium in Beni Suef, at noon last Tuesday, June 8, as Aluminum competed with Sharkia for Dukhan and Minya for the ticket to the Egyptian Premier League , while Somasta is in the circle of contenders for relegation in the second division league.

Taha the Brazilian player of the Somasta Youth Center

The Brazilian went from the middle of the field, in the left front of his team, to send a long-range shot that no one expected on the field, to deceive a goalkeeper. Aluminium, and fails to remove it to live in his net, and gives Somasta three precious points.

This victory raised the balance of the Somasta team to 28 points, taking it to the twelfth place in the standings, with a difference in goals from the Qena team, which occupies the thirteenth place, while the Somasta Youth Center is behind the phones of Beni Suef and Kima Aswan with the same balance as well.

Somasta is still struggling to escape the relegation cycle in the Grievance League, and the Brazilian is still continuing his daily journey, as the Egyptian Football Association list stipulates the relegation of 4 teams from each group, as the clubs occupying the positions from the thirteenth to the sixteenth will be relegated, so Tahas goal, which came with a Brazilian skill as he is nicknamed, may make history for the Somasta team, as it may save them from relegation to the third division.


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