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03:35 PM | Wednesday 23 June 2021

Hazem Emam: Mohamed Sherif, Egypt's first striker

Mohamed Sherif, Al-Ahly striker

Hazem Emam, a former national team player and Zamalek, said: Al Ahly The Tunisian Esperance team put its true size, during the match that brought them together last Saturday, at the Rades stadium, in the first leg of the semi-finals of the African Champions League, and beat it with a clean goal, to approach the qualification for the final round for the second time in a row, and is close to a big step towards maintaining the championship in the Red Castle.

The little fox said on his “One Two” program on On Sport FM radio: Tunisian Esperance He did not carry out a single attack on his stadium, and Al-Ahly won with merit and deservedly, and he could have come out a winner with two goals or more. The Red Genie made a big match against Tunisian Esperance in his stadium and deserved to win by more than one goal.

Hazem Emam: Mohamed Sharif will be Egypt’s first striker

Hazem Emam added that Mohamed Sharif is a great striker, and he proved this in the recent period, as he succeeded in scoring during many strong matches in the local league and the African Champions League, and he will be Egypt’s first striker in the coming years.

And he continued, “My opinion is about Muhammad Sharif from a long time, that he will be a great striker, and not after the goal of Esperance, because he is a focused player, even when the ball came in the post, he kicked him and his exit and did not go to the competitor, because he is diligent and God rewards the diligent always and stands next to him.”

Mohamed Sherif, Al-Ahly striker

The star of Zamalek and the former national team confirmed that Al-Ahly appeared in a very distinct way in Rades and all its players played a great match, especially Akram Tawfiq, Alio Diang and Hamdi Fathi, and they deserved everyone’s praise, the great victory and approaching the African final, and Al-Ahly put the Tunisian team in its normal size.

Hazem Emam: I hope Ferjani Sassi returns, even if for the end of the season

Hazem spoke about Zamalek, saying, “I hope Ferjani Sassi returns to Zamalek and completes his career, a great player with great popularity and a beautiful relationship with the public. His presence in Tunisia without talking to Zamalek officials is unacceptable.”

and conclude Hazem Emam The management’s success in extending the contract of Mahmoud Al-Wansh, the defender of the first team, is a very distinguished decision, as he is a talented defender and deserves to be with the team, and it is stability for the player as well.


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