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02:46 PM | Wednesday 09 June 2021

Mercato news .. A new deal in Al-Ahly and 5 wanted in Zamalek

Mercato news .. a new deal in Al-Ahly and 5 in Zamalek

The news of the Mercato ignited the atmosphere in Egyptian sports, with clubs entering a struggle to contract with New Deals In order to support its ranks in the new season, especially the two Egyptian football poles Al-Ahly andZamalek Also comes with them the Pyramids team, which wants to sign Nasser Maher, a playmaker Al Ahly During the upcoming summer transfers, Al-Ahly club wants to sign Ibrahim Adel, a player from Pyramids, but the latter refuses.

Mercato news.. The inclusion of 5 players in Zamalek and the renewal of Zizou, Abdel Shafi, Jumaa and Bencharki

The French coach, Carteron, the coach of the Zamalek team, requested 5 new players in the white team, in the positions of a super foreign striker, a right-back, a defender, a defensive midfielder and a playmaker.

The French Cartieron also requested the renewal of the quartet Ahmed Sayed Zizou, Muhammad Abdul Shafi, Ashraf bin Sharafi and Abdullah Jumaa.

Ashraf Ben Sharqi, player of Zamalek

Mercato news.. Schubert announces the joining of Karim Fouad to Al-Ahly Club

The media, Ahmed Schubert, announced through his radio program on Radio On Sport that Karim Fouad will join Al-Ahly Club, starting from the new season.

Ahmed Schubert said: Al-Ahly included Karim Fouad, especially as he suffers from many crises in the center of the right defender, with Mohamed Hani injured every period.

Schubert added: Karim Fouad plays at the left-back position and is able to compensate for the absence of any player in this position in the event of an injury.

Karim Fouad, Al-Ahly player

Mercato news.. Musimani decides the fate of Badr Bannon’s departure

Pitso Mosimane, coach of the first team in Al-Ahly club, asked the club’s board of directors headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib not to leave Moroccan Badr Bannon, the team’s defender from the Red Castle, after the player received several offers from Saudi Arabia.

Musimani sent a message to the Al-Ahly club’s board of directors: Badr Bannon is one of the distinguished players in Al-Ahly and contributed to restoring confidence and security in the team’s defense line.


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