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02:13 PM | Friday 11 June 2021

Saad Samir is on the verge of leaving Al-Ahly

Saad Samir

I witnessed the scenes of the technical staff of the first football team in the club Al AhlyDuring the last period, a state of division over the fate of Saad Samir, from his departure from the Red Castle in the coming period, whether on loan or staying for a new season to support the red genie, as some prefer his departure, and the return of defender Mohamed Abdel Moneim on loan to the Smouha team, especially after the latter appeared well with his coastal team, while some suggest staying The player is due to the role he plays in the team’s dressing rooms with his senior colleagues, Mohamed El-Shennawy, Walid Suleiman and Amr El-Sulayya, and the matter has not been finalized.

The Planning Committee refers Saad Samir’s file to Musimani

The Planning Committee, which he chairs, decided Mohsen SalehHe left the file of “Saad Samir” to South African Pitso Musimani, to decide his fate technically and the team’s need for his services, especially in light of the presence of more than one defender in the team at the present time, namely Ayman Ashraf, Badr Banoon, Yasser Ibrahim and Mahmoud Metwally, in addition to the team remaining matches A lot before the end of the season, and a lot of things could happen in it.

The red team continues its serious training in preparation for the Tunisian Esperance match scheduled for June 19 in the first leg of the African Champions League semi-final, and it is expected that Musimani, the team’s coach, will implement during the training some technical sentences that he intends to apply in the Esperance match.

Al-Ahly postpones the file of new deals

Al-Ahly’s football administration decided to temporarily postpone the negotiations file with some players who the club wants to contract with during the next summer transfer period, to consolidate some positions in the team.

Pitso Mosimane, coach of Al-Ahly

The administration decided to postpone the file until after the two matches, Esperance, in the semi-finals of the African Champions League, where the first leg will be held on June 19, and the return date is on the twenty-sixth of the same month.


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