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10:23 AM | Thursday 03 June 2021

Schubert: Ferjani Sassi told the Zamalek players to leave

Ferjani Sassi, Zamalek player

Doubts remain over the fate of the Tunisian Ferjani Sassi With ZamalekAfter his name was linked to his departure, at the end of the current season, which witnesses the official end of his contract inside the White Castle, and the failure to reach a point of agreement between him and the White Knight administration, which continues its endeavors to preserve one of the most important influential elements within the white team, as a mainstay in the accounts of the White Knight. French coach Patrice Carteron, but the insistence of the Tunisian national team player to exaggerate the financial demands, in order to agree to the renewal, may prevent his continuation.

Ferjani Sassi bids farewell to Zamalek players before leaving

In this context, the journalist Ahmed Schubert revealed the latest developments in the renewal file of Ferjani Sassi with Zamalek, noting that all the evidence indicates that his departure is approaching, and that he will not renew to stay a new period inside the White Castle: “Ferjani Sassi told the players of Zamalek that he is spending his last days between Team ranks.

This came a few hours after Ferjani Sassi left to confirm that he will break his silence, to reveal some facts about his fate with Zamalek, after the end of the international suspension period, imposed by the International Football Association “FIFA”, in order to start the march of the teams, provided that He decides his fate and clarifies some facts that are missing at the moment.

Ferjani Sassi, Al Duhail’s first Qatari goal

Ferjani Sassi enters the accounts of a number of clubs seeking his services, against the background of the remarkable performance of the Tunisian player in the recent period, led by Al-Duhail, after a number of press reports indicated that the Tunisian signed an initial contract with the Qatari club, to move officially in the coming period.

Ferjani Sassi has participated in 27 games since the beginning of the current season, in all competitions in the Zamalek shirt, during which he managed to score three goals and make seven others for his teammates, during 2,152 minutes of participation.

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