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07:03 PM | Wednesday 23 June 2021

The first response from Manchester United about his desire to include Aliou Diang: We are following him against Esperance

Aliou Diang, midfielder for Al-Ahly club and the Mali national team

reveal club Manchester United The Englishman is interested in the international financial midfielder Aliu DiangAl-Ahly club player during the summer transfer period, in light of the news that linked the player during the past few hours, to moving to the ranks of the great English club during the next season, in addition to the fact that two scouts in the English club were in the stadiums of “Al-Ahly Wei Salam” in order to attend a match. The expected red team against Esperance of Tunisia, in the second leg of the semi-finals of the current edition of the African Champions League in order to follow Aliou Diang closely and judge him well before his official inclusion

Manchester United reveals the truth of his desire to include Diang

For his part, Peter Sadowsky, one of the English club’s scouts, who works in the international scouting department of the English club, which is responsible for following up on players outside Britain’s borders and candidates to join Manchester United, confirmed that Aliou Diang is already on the initial list that the English club is following around the world.

Aliu Diang

The English club’s scout stressed to “Al-Watan Sport” that the club has not decided the matter of including the 23-year-old international financial midfielder until now, and that he is on a long preliminary list nominated to join the club.

The approval of the authorities and “K” decides the presence of “Germany” scouts

He added, that there are indeed some club scouts who want to attend the match from the stands, but they are waiting for the approval of the Confederation of African Football and the local Egyptian authorities on the issue of the number of public attendance, and their position on the presence of “Germany” scouts in the stadium’s stands.

It is worth noting that Ghanaian journalist Mickey Junior, who works on the website of the British newspaper “The Guardian”, had confirmed earlier, through his official account on Twitter, that the management of the Manchester United team is communicating with the African Union officials to travel to Egypt in order to follow Aliou Diang against Esperance in The second leg of the African Champions League semi-final, which will be held next Saturday at Al Salam Stadium.


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