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10:05 AM | Saturday 26 June 2021

They say .. Al-Ahly striker in Zamalek, the threat of Esperance, and the surprise of Ferjani Sassi

Ferjani Sassi, Zamalek player

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Ferjani Sassi complains about Zamalek to FIFA

Malik Al-Rugaiqi, a Tunisian journalist, revealed a resounding surprise that Ferjani Sassi filed a complaint with the International Football Association against Zamalek, in order to demand his full dues, so that his only condition for returning is to get all his dues: “Ferjani Sassi will demand to get the rest of his dues after his return to Egypt, And he wanted to talk about this in a friendly manner, but because of the change in the management of Zamalek at some point, he submitted a complaint to FIFA to demand his overdue dues, and the possibility of him staying in Zamalek is possible, but his basic condition is to obtain all his dues.”Details of the news here

Esperance coach threatens Al-Ahly before the decisive match

Moein Al-Shaabani, coach of Tunisian Esperance, believes that the absence of the fans from the Al-Ahly stands will have a negative impact on the red genie, and in turn, it may be in the interest of Esperance and serve its goals greatly, indicating that he is able to return with the result despite the absences he suffers from: «Circumstances: The events that occurred in the presence of the masses for tomorrow’s match positively affect us and negatively on Al-Ahly .. But not the noticeable difference .. Esperance does not give up and play for titles, and this is our goal in front of our fans and in front of the great club Esperance history.”Details of the news here

Al-Ahly determines the fate of Amr Gamal’s transfer to Zamalek

A source close to Amr Gamal revealed the fact that he moved to the ranks of Zamalek, despite his presence on the strength of the traditional rival Al-Ahly Club, emphasizing that the decision to move to the White Castle is in the hands of the administration of the devils: “Amr Gamal signed contracts upon his departure from the club on loan to the ranks of Tala’a Club. The army, for a period of two seasons, and Al-Ahly has the right to activate this contract during the coming period, which means that his transfer to Zamalek will be entirely in the hands of Al-Ahly.” Details of the news here

Zamalek prepares for a new triple strike

The journalist Ahmed Schubert spoke about the steps of the current Zamalek committee, headed by Hussein Labib, indicating that it seeks to renew the contracts of the team’s trio, during the next stage, in order to ensure the continuity of the basic elements among the team’s ranks: “Zamalek Club has become institutionally working, during the era of the committee. The current one is headed by Hussein Labib, and he succeeded in renewing the contracts of the winch and Zizou, and he is also seeking during the coming period to submit offers to renew the contracts of the trio, Tariq Hamed, Hazem Imam and goalkeeper Muhammad Abu Jabal. Details of the news here

The truth of Al-Ahly’s plan to include Ahmed Sayed Zizou

The father of Ahmed Sayed Zizou, the Zamalek player, revealed the fact that some twisted methods were used in order for the player to join the ranks of Al-Ahly, before the official renewal of the White Castle: “The issue was raised by the entry of Nader Shawky into the Emirati show, and everyone knows that he belongs to Al-Ahly, and because of that they thought that it was a bridge for Al-Ahly.” For his transfer to the red team.Details of the news here


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