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11:00 am | Sunday 06 June 2021

They say... Salah implicates Pyramids and Qafsha in the Olympics and is fairer than El-Shennawy

Mohamed Salah implicates Pyramids

“Bycoloa” .. a news service provided by “Al-Watan Sport” to its followers every morning, during which it reviews the most prominent statements of sports stars, and their handling of many different files, whether related to local competitions “The Egyptian League, Egypt Cup, Egyptian Super”, or at the continental level in The African Champions League, in which Al-Ahly competes, the African Confederation, or club support in the transfer market.

Qafsha wishes to play in the Olympics

Abdul Rahman Ismail, the player’s agent, revealed Mohamed Magdy Qafsha, the star of the club’s first football team Al Ahly, that the player seeks to regain his readiness and recover quickly, in order to join the expected confrontation of the red team, against his rival, Esperance of Tunisia, in the first leg of the semi-finals of the African Champions League, which is scheduled to be held on June 19 in Tunisia.

He added, “Gafsha wishes to participate in the Tokyo Olympics with the Egyptian Olympic team, but the final decision rests with Shawky Gharib, the coach of the team.” Details of the statement from Here

Qafsha wants to play in the Olympics

Mohamed Salah implicates Pyramids in court

One of the companies assigned the lawyer, Ashraf Abdel Aziz, to sue Mamdouh Eid, the CEO of Pyramids Club, and the representative of the Egyptian player. Mohamed Salah The English star of Liverpool, by paying an amount (98,600 dollars), the value of an advertising campaign carried out by the Egyptian national team star for the company, according to the contract concluded between the two parties on January 22, 2016.

And “Abdulaziz” issued an official statement detailing the crisis, saying: “According to a contract to implement an advertising campaign dated 2016 between a company with Mamdouh Eid as a representative of the professional Egyptian player Mohamed Salah Ghaly, in the implementation of an advertising campaign for Mundhir under the contract concluded between Captain Mamdouh Eid, the company’s director. Representing the player Mohamed Salah, under the contract dated 1/22/2016, who waived his rights in his image of transactions to MS Commercial Cayman (Limited), contracting with Captain Mamdouh Eid, in the production and implementation of an advertising campaign for one of the companies for its products and services in accordance with the terms and conditions set out with the player, who participates in the company’s advertising campaigns.”.. Details of the permit from Here

Abdel Monsef outperforms El-Shennawy

Mohamed Abdel-Monsef, the goalkeeper of the first football team in Wadi Degla Club, confirmed that he can compete with the guards of the Egyptian national team and outperform them, including Mohamed El-Shennawy, the goalkeeper of Al-Ahly club and the main team, indicating that he has the weapon of experience, and if he was playing in the ranks of Zamalek, he would have been included in the national team list However, the age factor is the secret of his abstention from the accounts in the recent period.

Abdel Monsef said, during his interview on the “On Time Stadium” program, via “On Time Sports” channel, with the journalist Seif Zaher: “Mohamed El-Shennawy is the goalkeeper No. 1 in Egypt, followed by Abu Jabal and then Al-Hani Suleiman, but I can compete with them, and surpass El-Shennawy in things like experience. , I have more experience, despite his participation in the World Cup, but I participated in the World Cup qualifiers when I was young with Captain Mahmoud El-Gohary. Here


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