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10:42 PM | Monday 14 June 2021

Urgent .. Death mourns Ahmed Schubert in the death of his brother شقيق

Ahmed Schubert

Issam Schubert, brother of the journalist Ahmed Schubert, the former Al-Ahly club goalkeeper, and presenter of the Ontime Stadium program on the On Sport channel, passed away.

Schubert tweeted, a while ago, through his personal account on Twitter: “We belong to God and to Him we shall return. Stay and persevere for God. He died to the mercy of God Almighty, my little brother and my beloved Issam.”

Schubert denies Al-Ahly negotiated with Sassi

The journalist, Ahmed Schubert, had spoken about what was reported about Al-Ahly entering negotiations with the Tunisian Ferjani Sassi, the Zamalek midfielder, to contract with him starting next season, after the end of his contract with the White Club, and the failure to reach an agreement on extending his contract and the player’s desire to leave. About the ranks of the White Castle, he said during his program “With Schubert”, which is broadcast on Radio On Sport FM: “Al-Ahly does not negotiate with Ferjani Sassi to preserve the feelings of the fans of Zamalek.”

With regard to Walter Bwalya’s position, regarding continuing with Al-Ahly club during the coming period or leaving, Schubert made it clear that Walter Bwalya will not leave for Sramica, as it has been reported, and the player so far continues within the ranks of the Red Castle.

Al-Ahly club goalkeeper and the former Egypt national team indicated that Al-Ahly coach, Pitso Musimani, exaggerated in giving Al-Ahmar players vacations before facing Tunisia’s Esperance next Saturday in the semi-finals of the African Champions League, saying: “Mosimane exaggerated the holidays, and this would have a physical impact.” on the players.


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