Hossam Hassan nominates Rabia and Tariq Hamed for the list of the Olympic team traveling to Tokyo


Hossam Hassan, the former Olympic team player, nominated the duo Rami Rabia and Tariq Hamed, Al-Ahly and Zamalek players, to join the list of the Olympic team that is preparing to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, in the event that Akram Tawfik is proven injured and unable to participate in the Olympics.

Hossam Hassan said, in statements to the “60 Minutes” program on the On Sport 2 screen, “The victory over South Africa yesterday in the friendly match gives confidence to the players and the technical staff, and we hope that the team will be better because we know the size of our capabilities and the list of the team will not exceed 18 players in the Olympics. 15 players will be selected from among the 35 players, in addition to the big three, and this is very difficult.

Hassan added, I think that the priority will be for a player who can play in more than one position, as well as the back line, and the presence of Mohamed Salah will make a very big difference, and I think Tariq Hamed or Rami Rabia are among the best players who can be included in the team’s squad in case Akram Tawfik is injured.

And, Shawky Gharib He wanted to stand on the level of some players in yesterday’s friendly, and South Africa is similar in the way he played the Egyptian team, so through it it is easy to determine the players levels, and Shawky Gharib is clear that he wants to make a decision regarding the level of some players, and winning yesterday gives the players confidence and I expect a great future for Ibrahim Adel .


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