How did Prince Harry steal Queen Elizabeth’s crown jewel? .. Details


During a life dedicated to public service and its almost invariable appearance, the name ‘Lilipet’ was the only thing Queen Elizabeth owned so completely and so personally, that it was hers alone, a name that her grandson snatched from her. Harry And he gave it to his baby.

According to the British Daily Mail, this was the nickname given to her by her grandfather, King George V, which she continued to call her father and mother, also prompting special love from her husband over more than 70 years of marriage, to call her personally.

Although not signed the Queen On any documents or seals officially with this name but the name remained in use in the family, and by those who knew her on a personal level, and Lillipet was part of the personal identity of the Queen, as were her hats, shoes, and corn flakes specially marked for her.
But according to recent reports, Harry took advantage of this name and its importance to the Queen in an attempt to woo her by naming it on his infant daughter, but according to royal experts, what Harry did is unacceptable and was likened to stealing the queen’s crown jewel.

And the attack on Harry and Megan increased after the announcement of this name, instead of thanking them as they expected for their courtship of the Queen, and according to experts, it was an ill-considered decision that extracted something personal from the Queen without permission.

This name was chanted by a few close people only, but the secret of her childhood has become echoed in the mouths of television hosts around the world and headlines in newspapers, and this matter only increased the Queen’s anger.

The jury is still out on whether the use of a newborn’s name was a deliberate act of marketing strategy and self-interest or a simple tribute from a derailed grandson to his elderly grandmother.


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