How do you do it.. How to create a meme from any image, whether on the phone or computer


Many are turning to meme, it is the current Internet language, and although some of them can be somewhat strange, there are countless types of meme, but the type that is popular with most people is just images with one or two lines of text Here, we offer you the way to create your own meme through simple steps, according to the “business insider” website.

How to create a meme using a photo

This is the easiest way, any application that allows you to put text on images will do, and one of the easiest ways to search and use:

Paint . app

Paint, formerly known as MSPaint, comes preinstalled on all Windows PCs.

Just open the image you want to turn into a meme in the program, click the “A” icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen, then click the point where you want to have text on the image, and you can also choose the font and text size from the toolbar.

Once the text is in the program, it cannot be edited, so if you make a misspelling, you may need to start the whole thing.

Mematic app

If you want to create a meme on your smartphone, check out Mematic, a free app for both iPhone and Android devices.

Once you open Mematic, you will get many default meme templates, you can also select Free STYLE if you want to create a fully custom meme layout.

Choose one of the default memes, or upload your own, and tap Captions at the bottom to add text, another image, or watermark, Background lets you change the image size and position and add filters or color corrections.

Once your meme is complete, tap Export and then Save, and your meme will be downloaded to your phone’s camera roll, where you can view or share it like any other photo.


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