How does Yasmine Sabry choose her skirts?


She is a pioneer in the field of modern classic elegance. She is a beautiful actress, but at the same time, she is also the wife of a public figure and a businessman, so it is natural that her appearance fits into her social lifestyle, even if she is sometimes bullied because of her expensive costumes and jewelry. What distinguishes Yasmine Sabry In addition to its attractiveness and good coordination of pieces.

 The star, Yasmine Sabry, the photo from the star's account on Instagram
Yasmine Sabry –
Photo from her Instagram account

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What did Yasmine Sabry wear recently?

The star posted a photo of her wearing a metallic pleated skirt with a white cotton top and carrying a peekaboo bag from fendi Yellow in colour. She wore transparent shoes studded with sparkling stones Swarovski.

From the star's Instagram account.
Yasmine Sabry –
Photo from her Instagram account

She also posted a picture of her wearing a blouse and a flowing skirt of thin blue denim that wraps comfortably around her body.

Yasmine Sabry –
Photo from her Instagram account

Yasmine Sabry chose a white skirt decorated with a row of buttons from Balmain The French house, which Yasmine Sabry adores, has been repeatedly seen in jackets bearing the house’s signature and in different colors. She also paired an ivory cardigan with stiletto shoes in a nude colour.

From the star's Instagram account
Yasmine Sabry –
Photo from her Instagram account

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How does Jasmine choose her skirts?

She makes sure to choose tight midi skirts to accentuate her beautiful figure, or flared skirts with bodycon blouses to balance the look. She loves high shoes.

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How do you get a similar look?

Skirt, Versace, from the Summer 2021 collection. Image via Go Runway's website.
Versace Skirt Summer 2021

We chose you from Versace Colorful pleated skirt from the collection Spring Summer 2021

White cotton blouse from Valentino

And you can coordinate it with a white cotton tight blouse from Valentino You can wear it with a skirt or with any printed set as in the picture. The look is from the Spring-Summer 2021 collection for Valentino.

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