How to disinfect laptop screen and keyboard


With the spread of remote work and education imposed by pandemic conditions, many users rely on reliable laptops to get everything done, whether the user is working from home, sitting on a Zoom phone call or spending some digital time with family and friends. Portable can be a life saver at a time like this.

But your laptop can quickly become a breeding ground for ugliness due to not being cleaned, depending on how much you handle it, given that we’re all trying so hard not to get sick right now.

Here’s how to sanitize your laptop, according to TheNextWeb:

Turn off the laptop completely and unplug it.

Remove any SD cards or USB dongles that may be connected so you can access each crevice while cleaning.

Use a can of compressed air to get any debris or crumbs out of the small areas of your laptop, especially under the keyboard, but shake it gently.

After using compressed air to get rid of any larger crumbs that may be inside, wear gloves while cleaning and use a lint-free cloth – microfiber is best – and an isopropyl alcohol solution, Apple, Dell and Microsoft recommend a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution, not recommended Plain water, especially tap water, as it may leave mineral stains.

When wiping down your laptop, never apply liquid directly to the device. Dampen the cloth and wipe every surface.

Be especially careful with the screen as it is frighteningly easy to break with heavy pressure.

The solution should air dry quickly but let it do so before turning on the laptop again.


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