How to make the most of Firefox browser?


Firefox has a variety of features that not many people know about, and these tricks can completely change the way you use the browser.

You must install the latest version of Firefox for computers to benefit from it, and it is always recommended to install the latest version of it at all times, according to aitnews.

Use the master password:

Firefox has a built in password manager, which is a tool that collects your passwords and account data from various websites and saves them in the browser.

Through Firefox, you can set a master password, so that you can use the passwords and accounts stored in it.

This step is important to protect your accounts if you use a shared computer at work or at home.

You can activate this feature by going to the security settings page by typing the following line in the address bar.

And then activate the master password, and now follow the steps that appear in front of you on the screen to enter the master password.

But you should not lose the master password, because you lose all the passwords stored in the browser.

Using LockWise to manage passwords:

Developed by Firefox, this application manages your passwords away from the browser.

You can install the application on iPhone and Android phones to be able to use it with Firefox or any other browser.

And this app works with Firefox Monitor, which tells you if your accounts are stolen or leaked.

Move between pages with a single click:

You can move between pages in Firefox with the press of a button from the keyboard, and you can do this through the following shortcuts:

Press the Ctrl + Pagedown buttons to move to the next page.

Use the Ctrl+Pageup buttons to move to the previous page.

And you can view all the open pages by pressing the Ctrl + Tab buttons, and this feature displays the pages in front of you in a thumbnail for you to move between them.

Use the text enlargement feature only, not the images:

All browsers have a page zoom feature, which is geared towards the elderly or those who like to read text in large font.

But this feature enlarges all the contents of the page making it inconsistent, so you can’t read the text easily.

With Firefox, you can only enlarge the text but not the images and the rest of the page content, and this preserves the page layout a bit and makes it better.

And you can activate this feature by going to the View menu and then zooming in and then zooming in on the text only.

Improve Firefox performance on PC:

If you feel that Firefox is running a little slow, you can increase its speed and improve it from within the browser automatically.

This feature uses the computer’s graphics card to be able to increase performance. To activate this feature, head to the settings page, then general settings, and then performance.

Then uncheck the box called Use Preferred Tool Settings, and then a new box will appear called Use hardware optimization that you can activate.


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