Hussein Zaki Leelakora: Wait for the assignment of Zamalek to continue


Hussein Zaki, coach of the handball team at Zamalek Club, said that he is awaiting the official assignment from the management of his club to continue to lead the team in the new season.

Zaki stressed, in exclusive statements to Lilacora today, Tuesday, that the priority remains for Zamalek in the event that the current management committee is mandated to continue it.

And news had spread during the past hours about Zaki’s contract with an Emirati club, in addition to other news about his contract with a club in the Egyptian Professional League, but he completely denied these rumors.

Zaki indicated that he is currently in the UAE to obtain a dose of the vaccine to protect against the emerging corona virus, Covid _ 19, which prompted some to repeat rumors about his contract with an Emirati club, which is not true at all.

Zaki concluded his statements by saying: “I did not contract with any club, and I waited for my assignment from the management of the Zamalek club. The first and last decision of the administration according to its vision regarding the next stage, and I always put Zamalek in the first place.”


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