“I don’t need a visa”.. 10 distinctive tourist places that Egyptians can visit


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Sunday 06 June 2021

Books – Syed Metwally:

While Sharm El Sheikh and El Gouna are great vacation destinations, we often wish there were other places outside of Egypt that we could visit without the hassles of getting a visa before traveling.

In this report, Masrawy reviews the top 10 tourist places that you can visit without having to obtain a prior entry visa, according to the top10cairo website.


Soaring peaks of the Andes, the Caribbean coast, the mysterious Amazon jungle, hidden ruins, and cobbled colonial societies. Colombia boasts all of South Americas allure, and more.

Hong Kong

This enigmatic city, of skyscrapers, ancient traditions and heavenly food. Whether it’s your first visit or your fiftieth, you can find yourself near the Chinese border, have lunch at the temple, enjoy a range of kitchen knives, followed by a night of Cantonese opera, tango or karaoke, anywhere you choose.


The vast savannah dotted with huge herds of wildlife, the snow-capped mountains on the equator, and the amazing wildebeest migration that takes place every year in Kenyas Masai Mara is referred to as the new 7 wonder of the world.

the moldive Islands

Unparalleled luxury and a wonderful underwater world make the Maldives an obvious choice for a true vacation. The Maldives is home to the best beaches in the world, found on nearly every one of the country’s nearly 1,200 islands, and they are so consistently perfect that it’s hard not to be bothered by them.

Bali in Indonesia

Bali is an island in Indonesia full of natural beauty. The beaches and warm weather make it an attractive destination for those who want to relax and spend some quality time together.


Lions, hippos, elephants, giraffes and wild animals. Tanzania is more of a safari land than almost any other destination, there are beaches, Mount Kilimanjar, friendly people, wonderful cultures – Tanzania has all these things and more in one package full of adventure and welcome, Zanzibar Island


Malaysia is like two countries in one, split in half by the South China Sea, while the peninsula boasts bustling cities, tea plantations and tranquil islands. Malaysian Borneo hosts wild jungles of orangutans, granite peaks, and remote tribes, along with some great snorkeling.

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

Ecuador may be small, but it contains an impressive array of wonders. The Galapagos Islands, with their mundane volcanic landscapes, are a magnet for wildlife lovers.


A great place, topped by tropical waterfalls. Mauritius is known for its sapphire waters, off-white beaches and luxurious resorts.

South Korea

South Korea offers much more than the bustling urban sprawl of its vibrant capital and a plethora of treasures from the ancient Silla kingdom. Consider going for a swim in one of the gushing hot springs in Seoraksan National Park, spending time exploring the natural wonders of Jeju Island or cruising through the clearing.

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