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Al-Rihani: Are you Zaki Effendi Tulaimat?

Tulaimat: Yes, sir, Mr. Najib Al-Rihani.

Al-Rihani: What is the story between you and me, my brother? Is it that I married your mother?

Tulaimat: I wish, my brother.

Al-Rihani: I said that you are an actor like a Hayan or an employee who changes his saliva in the morning on a plate of molokhia, for example?

Tulaimat: Oh, I wish.

Al-Rihani: Why do we have dreams that come down to us?

Tlimat: Temperament.

Al-Rihani: What is the mood of this trouble? Are you a fatwa?

Tulaimat: When necessary.

The situation escalated and “Al-Rihani” melted him with a smile.

Tulaimat: Do you work in acting to make money?

Al-Rihani: I want to work so that I can feel my fingers.

Tulaimat: And you laugh at people and people.

Rihani: Ok, what are you doing like me?.

Tulaimat: We can’t do this spelling.

Al-Rihani: You are still presenting in your novels “Napoleon”, “Louis” and “A Country That Eats Cats and Ride Elephants”, and I am presenting “Dakdaq, Sweets and Shalabia”».

The dialogue between the two giants, which I quoted from the book (Kashkish Bey) by Amin Bakir, ended, and its significance remained before us after about a century, which is that comedy, even what we call it nowadays, was also classy. In more than one interview I conducted with him, Najeeb Al-Rihani had an outstanding talent in the art of performance, and that he was the most sincere creative address, and that it was not permissible for only the theoretical vision to become the criterion for evaluation..

From a practical point of view, we cannot evaluate most of his works, because he did not catch up with the era of television, his plays were not depicted and he should not be evaluated as an actor only through a readable text. The other wasted and expired, which is an unforgivable crime!!.

The films that we circulate on television, despite the poor engineering level, are “Salama fi Khair”, “Si Omar”, “The Set Game”, “Red Lips”, “Abu Helmous” and “Ghazal Al Banat” and this was his last movie that he presented in 1949, and he passed away in these days. As for the films that we did not keep, they are “His Excellency, Kshksh Bey” 1931, “Hawadet Kshksh Bey” 1934, “With his safety, he wants to get married” 1936, and it is added to the list of films for which a copy was found, the movie “Sapphire Directed by the French “Emile Roset”, and this film was restored by the French “Cinematique”, and Al-Rihani was not familiar with the rules of dealing with the cinema camera and also did not direct the director, so he appeared on the screen closer to the engineering performance, missing a lot of its spontaneity.

Al-Rihani presented the character of the oppressed, the overpowered, the poor employee who is over forty.!!.

He was not just an actor who played his role ably, “Al-Rihani” – who passed away before he turned sixty – gave us films that are highly honest and have an influential presence in our lives, so they broke through the screen wall and the time barrier, to have fun in the street.

He is the first star whose name has become synonymous and indicative of the art of high-end comedy, and we are still living on his films and his memory. Whenever we feel the need for a touch of calm and psychological balance, the treatment is a heavy dose before bedtime from Najib Al-Rihani, and ask an experimenter!!.


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