Ibrahim Abdullah in response to Ferjani Sassi: If he had wanted to stay, he would have renewed before traveling


Ibrahim Abdullah, a former member of the Executive Committee of Zamalek club, revealed the existence of false information in the video clip that Ferjani Sassi published a while ago on Twitter, which includes statements by Ayman Abdel Aziz, the former Zamalek player, in which he confirms that Ibrahim Abdullah and Tariq Hashish, his former colleague on the committee, are the reason. In the failure of his renewal to Zamalek.

Ibrahim Abdullah said in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”: I did not meet with Ferjani Sassi completely, whether inside or outside Egypt, adding that the statements of Hussein Labib, the current president of Zamalek, that the negotiations with his agent were the biggest evidence that the incident mentioned by Ayman Abdel Aziz did not occur.

Ibrahim Abdullah also confirmed that he did not meet with Sassi’s business agent except once in Tunisia on the sidelines of the Esperance match in the African Champions League, and Sassi was not present at this session, concluding his statements, stressing that if Sassi wanted to renew, he would have signed the renewal contracts before His travels, and what he is doing is merely playing on the feelings of the masses to absolve himself of responsibility for the real reason for the failure of the renewal process.

And Tunisian midfielder Ferjani Sassi, Zamalek’s midfielder, posted a post on the Twitter site, which included a video clip, during which Ayman Abdel Aziz, the former Zamalek player, appeared, talking about the scenes of the failure of negotiations to renew Ferjani Sassi’s contract with Zamalek..

Ferjani Sassi wrote on his page: This is one of the facts that I spoke about… He referred to Ayman Abdel Aziz and Ayman Younis, who were both witnesses to the incident, and the video included a statement by Ayman Abdel Aziz confirming that the player was close to signing the renewal contracts had it not been for the intervention of Tariq Hashish and Ibrahim Abdullah Two members of the former Executive Committee, who obstructed the process of signing new contracts.

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