Ibrahim Abdullah: We offered Ferjani Sassi 2 million and 850 thousand euros for renewal.. We were surprised by his travel to Turkey


Ibrahim Abdullah, member of the committee confirmed Zamalek Previously, Ayman Younes, the former Al-Abyad star, had previously sat with Mohannad Aoun, the agent of Tunisian Ferjani Sassi, Al-Abyad midfielder, to renew his contract.

Tunisian Ferjani Sassi, Zamalek midfielder, raised the controversy over his future with the White Castle, after he published a mysterious tweet today, Wednesday. See details

Ibrahim Abdullah added, during a telephone interview on the “Masaa On Time” program, broadcast on “On Time Sport”: “Ayman Younis sat with Muhannad Aoun, an agent Ferjani Sassi Before, he reached a number of 2 million 850 thousand euros, equivalent to 55 million Egyptian pounds, and we were ready to sign this number, and the agent was supposed to go to sign the contract, and we were surprised that Muhannad Aoun had disappeared.”

He continued: “Ferjani Sassi then traveled to Turkey and it was said that he traveled without permission and Ashraf Qassem signed a fine on him and after that it was lifted and it was said that he asked permission from anyone and I do not know who he is, and the agreement was to travel to Tunisia and then we were surprised that he traveled to Turkey.”

He continued: “After that, when we traveled to Tunisia, Mohannad Aoun told Tariq Hashish that he must pay 650,000 euros and hashish. The player told him only 300,000 euros and the rest of the money is from the right of taxes, and we will give him 300,000 euros as a provider of the new contract.”

He continued: “Imad Abdel Aziz offered him 1,600,000 euros, an increase of 15% over his old contract, in addition to a (bonus) in the event that he scored goals, and Mohannad Aoun said we want a time to think, then he disappeared again.”

And he added: “Ferjani Sassi’s association with Zamalek ended a long time ago, specifically when he said that he would travel to Tunisia because his mother was sick, and then he went to Turkey.”

When asked how in Ayman Youness session, he was offered 2 million and 850 thousand euros, and then the previous committee in Tunisia offered him one million and 600,000 euros? He replied: “The council agreed to the first offer and we were working on managing this amount, and these details that occurred and were narrated as she”.

He explained: “Zamalek players have the highest contracts in Egypt. We value our players and every player is evaluated. There are competing clubs that paid 150 million pounds and two and a half million dollars in players and they did nothing.”

He concluded: “Ashraf bin Sharqi’s agent said, at the end of the current season, we will sit down and negotiate the renewal, and the agent expressed his willingness to renew.”


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