Ibrahim Adel responds to the news of his transfer to Al-Ahly


Ibrahim Adel, a player for Pyramids and the Olympic team, responded to the news of his transfer to Al-Ahly that everything is ultimately at the disposal of his club’s management, saying that he wishes success and a medal in the Olympics.

Ibrahim Adel said in his statements to “On Time Sports” channel, in response to the news of his transfer to Al-Ahly: “I do not know anything at all, and everything about this matter is in the hands of the club.”

And he talked about the Olympic team: “I always try to give my best in order to appear well, and everyone will accept Shawky’s strange decision in his choices for the Olympic team, and I hope we will win a medal.”

Regarding his joining the national team despite his young age, he said: “The relationship is very good with all colleagues in the team and was well received, and I am always with Akram Tawfik and Karim Al-Iraqi.”

The Egyptian Olympic team played against South Africa and managed to win 2-0.


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