Ibrahim Adel responds to the possibility of his transfer to Al-Ahly


Ibrahim Adel, a player for Pyramids and the Olympic team, responded to the fact that he is close to joining the ranks of Al-Ahly Club during the upcoming transfer period.

Adel said in statements to On Time Sports channel, with a clear smile on his face: “Moving to Al-Ahly? (Everything is with the club. I don’t know anything. I work on the field.”

And the pyramids playmaker added after the end of the Olympic team match against South Africa: “(Everything is in the club. I don’t know anything at all. God willing, our Lord will honor us in the next.”

And about his smile while talking about moving to Al-Ahly, Ibrahim Adel, 20 years old, said: “A pure laugh? See how you want to say it – laughing -“.

And Ahmed Schubert, the former vice president of the Football Association, had confirmed during the past few days that Al-Ahly club was interested in the inclusion of Ibrahim Adel, while the Pyramids administration is interested in contracting with Nasser Maher, the playmaker of the Red Genie.


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