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In his article published on the last page of “Al-Masry Al-Youm”, last Wednesday morning, Dr. Moustafa El-Fiqi expressed his deep concern over Austrias support for the recent Israeli war on the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.!

The thing that compounded Dr. El-Fiqi’s annoyance was that Austrian support for the Israeli aggression against the people of the Gaza Strip reached the point of raising Israeli flags on official buildings in the capital, Vienna, although Austria was famous throughout its history for its balance, which is close to neutrality.!

Dr. Mostafas astonishment must be perfectly correct, for this is not the Austria that we know, nor is it Austria, which was President Sadat’s favorite European country. He did not go to Europe, not even to the United States of America, without stopping on his way back in the city of The famous Austrian Salzburg, which remains one of the few beautiful cities on the whole European continent!

One of the paradoxes of fate is that the hero of war and peace would have almost died in it had it not been for the discovery of the assassination attempt at the last moment. Dr. Ali al-Samman, may God have mercy on him, was an essential party in uncovering the attempt.. Its full details are in his memoirs: “The papers of my life from the king to Abdel Nasser and Sadat»!

As for supporting the aggression on Gaza in the absolute form that took place, it has a background that justifies it in the eyes of the Austrian government, and in particular in the eyes of Sebastian Kurz, who assumed the position of chancellor… that is, prime minister… in December 2017, and who remains the youngest prime minister in the world without a rival. He was born in 1986, and when he became prime minister in his country, he was 31 years old!

It is no secret that Kurz adopts extreme right-wing policies in his country, and refuses, for example, the entry of immigrants to Europe, and does not accept their access to any aid or aid, and if he could throw them into the deep sea, he would not hesitate for a moment.!

However, this is not the reason for his support for Israel’s aggression. The reason is that he is accused of being mostly extremists who elected him, a charge that makes him guilty all the time before Tel Aviv, judging between Israel and the Nazi Hitler from what we know from time.. However, the chancellor Kurz acquitted himself in front of the Israelis!!..supporting the aggression was more than a desire to vindicate himself on his part than anything else.!

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