If you have a prepaid electricity meter.. Check out these 5 tips


The Ministry of Electricity tends to supply homes with pre-paid electricity meters because it provides resources and is easier to deal with. Al-Mustaqbal provides a number of tips and instructions for the electricity meter as follows:

1- It is necessary to ensure that the technician installs the prepaid meter correctly and does not move and install it correctly, before leaving.

2- It is necessary to check the correct setting of the date and time recorded in the prepaid meter.

3- The prepaid meter card must be placed in the meter and ensure its safety before carrying out the charging process so that no problems occur in the next charging process.

4- Do not tamper with the meter cover to maintain its integrity.

5- When installing the meter, you must make sure that the charging card is placed inside the meter, and then make sure that it works well.


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