Important alert from Saudi Health regarding stem cell transplantation


Today, Sunday, the Saudi Ministry of Health issued an alert regarding stem cell transplantation, noting that it is a high-risk medical procedure, and is carried out under strict medical supervision.

The Saudi Ministry said, through its account on the social networking platform “Twitter”, that stem cell transplantation is a complex and accurate process and is used only to treat some of the following cases:

Acute leukemia.

Lymphomas that have not responded to treatment.

Bone marrow failure.

Multiple myeloid carcinoma.

The Saudi Health confirmed that stem cell transplantation has not been proven effective in other disease states, pointing out that it is not used in (treatment of diabetes, anti-aging, heart disease, stroke, arthritis and erosion, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and paralysis of all kinds).

She called on everyone to obtain information from its official sources, and not to be drawn into rumours.


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