Important tips..Personal hygiene for girls..get to know it


The personal hygiene of girls is one of the most important things that must be taken care of, there are some daily practices and habits that every girl should take care of in order to maintain her personal hygiene, and this will become a habit for her, and an important part of her daily routine, and for this we will present to you today A set of important tips that should be kept in mind.

Girls’ personal hygiene


It is certain that the sensitive area has and around it billions of harmful germs and bacteria, and certainly there are large quantities of these germs that are transferred to the underwear, but there is no need to worry about this if the girl is interested in changing her underwear at least once a day, but it is always advised that It is more than that, and it is also recommended to choose cotton clothes, and it is also preferable to stay away from choosing dark colors.

The danger is if the girl sleeps in her underwear that she was wearing all day, it will cause the accumulation of secretions, and this increases the proliferation of bacteria, and at the same time it is the reason for the appearance of an unpleasant odor, in addition to infections and darkening of the skin.

sanitary pads

The period of the menstrual cycle is one of the times when girls feel uncomfortable, and that is why every girl needs great care during this period. It is necessary to choose a good type of sanitary napkin, with the need to change the sanitary pads after three or four hours. Over time, the sanitary napkin becomes a source For fungi that cause skin infections.

It is also necessary to wash the sensitive area with lukewarm water constantly, so that you can keep it smelling good all the time, and prevent fungi from accumulating in it, with the need to change underwear constantly, even if it is not exposed to dirt.


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