In a dress of joy and a suit.. the story of the death of two newlyweds on their wedding night in the east


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Friday 11 June 2021

Eastern – the gift of retribution:
The official page of the Masrawy website on the social networking site Facebook published live coverage from the site of the death of the newlyweds and the sister of the bride who were killed when their wedding car overturned in an agricultural bank, on the “Zagazig – Belbeis” road.
Muhammad Saber, an eyewitness, confirmed that the wedding included two owners’ cars and a number of young men riding motorcycles, all of whom accompanied the newlyweds after the bride left a beauty salon “coiffure” in Zagazig.

He pointed out that they set out on a wedding procession from Zagazig to their village of residence, and while they were walking on the “Belbeis-Zaqazig” road, the newlyweds’ car overturned inside the bank passing in front of the village of Tahla Bardin.

Abdullah Al-Sayed, from the village, added that the ceremony was happy and everyone was happy, until the moment the newlyweds car fell into the drain water, and its occupants tried to open its doors to jump out of it, but they could not, while a live child was extracted, and the driver, who is the husband of the bride’s sister, was able to get out, too .

Major General Ibrahim Abdel Ghaffar, Director of Sharkia Security, had received a notification from the Zagazig police station’s warden stating that the station had received a report of a car overturning in a wedding party on the Zagazig-Belbeis road in front of the village of Tahla Bardin.

A force of police and river rescue forces, led by Brigadier General Mohamed Adly, Director of Civil Protection, moved, and it was found that the newlyweds and the bride’s sister drowned in their early twenties. The driver of the car until the completion of the investigations.

In a dress of joy and a suit.. The death of two newlyweds on their wedding night in Sharqia.. What happened?

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