In a football match, an ambulance team ignites the Internet


During a match United State Honduras, in the semi-finals CONCACAF Nations Championship, The fans were surprised by a shot that accompanied the injury of one of the players.

With the player injured, a medical team of 4 girls, in summer clothes, entered to treat the injured player, an unfamiliar scene in the world of football, where the medical team usually consists of men.

The shot of the beauties on the field spread widely on social networking sites, and the comments varied between those who praised the movement, and those who mocked the situation.

A large number of Twitter users mocked the shot, and said that the match would stop every minute, so that the players could receive attention from the beauties.

One of them wrote: “It is said that the match lasted only 30 minutes, and the rest of the time the players were having muscle strain.”

On the other hand, some praised the move United StateTo break the stereotype, use girls as first aiders, rather than men, during football matches.


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